A next generation p2p or torrenting client- with amazing download speed

A next generation p2p or torrenting client- with amazing download speed

Who of us have not used torrents/magnet links or p2p (peer to peer) file transfer service? Anyone of us using internet would be acquainted with this, and also knowing associated pros and cons of using this service. I would just point to some of them, to compare with the service I am recommending here (seedr.cc)

Pros of torrenting:-

  • Larger and very large files can be shared/transferred over interent
  • Multiple pieces of files can be downloaded phasewise
  • Transfer can be done multiple times with multiple internet connections
  • Not worth mentioning, but it’s legally important- Copyrighted/pirated files are getting circulated freely. (I don’t promote it myself though 🙂
  • No single server hosting of larger file required, as it is circulated among seeders and peers, (name seedr.cc arrived from this only !!)

Cons of torrenting :-

  • When you have sufficient bandwidth, it can be pain in the ass to complete downloads, as sometimes there may be insufficient peers to share
  • In case of lower popularity of content being accessed, it can take many hours, and worst of it, sometimes gets stuck around 90-95 % ?
  • MOST SEVERE ONE– If you are caught in cyber crime for circulating illegal/copyrighted content, the court may call you to answer and pay penalty by claimant !
  • To avoid this, you might want to use VPN services & make your bandwidth even slower !
  • If you don’t count your electricity bill, you can count against GB received versus Money spent for downloads ! (It’s significant when you actually calculate

Here comes the solution. I have tested many online torrent downloaders, (both free and paid ones) but master service among all of them is provided by seedr.cc only. Here is it’s superiority over other competitors.

  • It is extremely fast. Most popular files gets completed within seconds.
  • Most importantly, even in free accounts, it offers TRULY UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, without any limitation of number of files or number of transfers. This feature is ULTIMATELY UNIQUE as compared to other players in market. Most users get just super-saturated when they feel this. 
  • It’s consistent in quality service. I have used it since it has launched online, but it has delivered robust service in file sharing business. No technical glitches have been noticed as compared to others.
  • When I suggest something in helpdesk, I usually receive feedback/answer within maximum a week, sometimes within 24-48 hours !
  • Prices of paid services and features offered within are at par with others.
  • No extra graphics or unnecessary distractions on website, or user interface. A simple, decent, to the point work is felt.
  • Referral benefits system is working up to the mark.
  • Streaming of video files provided online right from file link, so that sometimes you can directly delete whatever video you don’t want. Great feature for saving resources.
  • FTP and high ratio seeding services available in paid versions, a good initiative for web hosting provider.

So in nutshell, If you want to experience new generation torrenting service, try seedr.cc first, and of course compare with others. You would definitely agree to whatever I have written here. Free signup gets 2 GB space, but referred links (upto 4 referrals only) gets 500 MB instantly extra, that’s 2.5 GB.  Signup with my referral link, you will get 500 MB extra upon signup. https://www.seedr.cc/?r=673060

I have also tested other ways to increase referral bonus, that’s email sharing, twitter and pinterest sharing. All works well with additional 500 MB. Means, when you reach around 4 GB, you will get handsome amount of torrents downloaded truly unlimited times...

I have old interface screenshots, along with other players also, but it might distract you, so not posting here now, as it’s not required. Just test it live, yo !!

You can check popularity of seedr among various social media platforms. Checkout on facebook https://www.facebook.com/seedrcc/

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