Hello friends This discussion is more useful to those people who are database administrators, computer operators,  and people scanning and playing with different types of text and images.  In our another blog, I will soon post the trick of converting images into text with around more than 90% accuracy level. If you are using Microsoft onenote you may notice that the path it uses for temporary storage is in the C drive as mentioned above
The concept primarily focuses on making one’s digital/virtual lives easier. We usually swim into the overwhelming amount of digital data, but we find the spoon fed type of stuff very late, after a ton of googling and letting ourselves bathed with lot of their sold ads. I hereby try to deliver the knowledge and wisdom I gained through this terrible browsing experiences, and thereby saving previous minutes and hours of people watching my stuff. Do

Making lives happier !

Posted by dhanishuro on  April 27, 2015
Category: Unclassified
Hi everyone ! Hoping to reach you in the best of your health and harmony. Recently we are focusing on making our virtual life easier and stress free. Most of our endeavors should focus and fall under this major heading only. Let’s have a quick start.

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