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It was always my dream to design a custom music player which is playable online. No product could satisfy me like this. If you talk about google play music, it doesn’t allow to shuffle and customize playlist. Even if you spend hours to make custom playlist, you cannot play it online or stream. Same happens with other players, who either mess with copyright, or doesn’t satisfactorily allow embedding.

Good news for wordpress developers cum music lovers. Here I have got huge success. I got my tracks synced with google drive, share them, and fetch them into media library of wordpress. Then by using google drive API, I could use various other plugins (GD WP media, Audio igniter pro player, along with Google developer console enabling drive API ) and make playlist possible. See magic below (It was such a pain in the ass to bring this result though)!  Also, I knew that, if you delete entry from Library of wordpress media, your player doesn’t mind playing it. Means, if you by chance use this trick, don’t forget to cleanup media entries from gallery of default wordpress category.

For wordpress users, steps for embedding music hosted in google drive are given below:-

  1. Select songs in google drive, and give sharing permissions of highest level, (public- anyone can access, no sign in required). Practice coloring the folder, not to forget processing.
  2. Import GDWPM plugin folder, Press get files, tick one by one all files and import entries into default gallery.
  3. Use your plugin (Audio-ignitor pro– in this case) and import gallery files. (This will actually import google drive links sharing only, no actual files are imported- It’s beauty of GDWPM algorithm.)
  4. Update page/player with imported entries.
  5. Delete Entries from media library and category created by plugin. (This will actually delete ghost entries, as we didn’t actually import files, it’s just links import mentioned above)
  6. Check successful rendering of web contents (play music here in this case) by using another browser and system. 
  7. Re-color google drive folder to indicate successful completion of import.


If you want to just listen playlist, go below.  For full list, scroll right sided scroll bar on player down (only if required/displayed)…


For listening only (Mobile heard and uploaded 5 star rated tracks)


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