This is a system of new generation markets and growing audience. Most of people know system of referrral. I personally believe in it or not, that doesn’t matter ! Because system itself is formulated and accepted by society as a whole. So we all are directly or indirectly part of it.

I am hereby posting my routine life activities referrals below. It can be used by others considering following points :

  1. In a pyramid system of business, top to bottom expansion is there. So even if you directly join in system, you lose referral’s advantages to be gained in your chain to be formed below you.
  2. If in any online portal, you sign up directly and make account, it’s tentative revenue is mostly given to google or other search engines in form of advertisement share. This is shared to referee and referred both when one clicks referral link
  3. Even if advantage is small, why to lose it ?? If advantage is bigger, then it must to be used !!
  4. If you want to just check out, what are advantages of this referral in individual links, you can always read terms and conditions after clicking particular product.
  5. My purpose to post links here is to be used by myself first, then others may use it. I believe that any website or portal should be user friendly to the admin/creator first, then only it can be useful to audience.! (point to be noted 🙂


Cloud storage referrals :

  1. Degoo cloud storage (free 100 GB cloud storage space+ Click Bonus referral 3 GB) :
  2. account- site to download torrent/magent links directly to cloud :  Referred users get additional 500 MB, in addition to default 2 GB, maximum referral capped to 4.5 GB. Now only 3 invitations left to this link.
  3. MainWP child and parent plugins for multiple wordpress owners : click here

MainWP WordPress Management





Save Paper, save trees, Initiative to read newspapers in pdf into smartphone- Dedicated Whatsapp group

 બધા ગ્રુપ ફૂલ હોવાથી લોક લાગણી ને માન આપીને નવું ગ્રુપ ચાલુ કરેલ છે જે મિત્રો ને રસ હોય તે મિત્રો ને લિંક આપવા માં આવશે
ખાસ નોંધ :-જે મિત્રો રિપ્લાય આપે તેવા મિત્રો ને લિંક ફોરિવૉર્ડ ના કરવા વિનંતી

 રોજ સવારે ગુજરાતના મુખ્ય ન્યુઝ પેપર ની ડિજીટલ આવ્રુતિ મેળવવા માટે આ લિકં ઉપર કલીક કરો અને ન્યુઝ પેપર ગ્રુપમા જોડાવ, આ ગ્રુપમા ફકત ન્યુઝ પેપરજ મુકવામા આવશે તે શીવાય કોઇપણ મેમ્બરે બીજા કોઇ મેસેજ મોકલવા નહી નહીતર તરતજ ગ્રુપમાથી રીમુવ કરવામા આવશે.

આ ગ્રુપનો હેતુ પેપરલેસ અખબાર કરી વુક્ષ બચાવવાનો છે

તમારા કોઇ મિત્રને આ ગ્રુપમા જોડવા હોય તો આ મેસેજ એને ફોરવર્ડ કરો અને આ લિંક ઉપર કલીક કરવાનુ કહો એટલે તે ઓટોમેટીક આ ગ્રુપ સાથે જોડાય જશે




Medical person’s upcoming discussion platform- obviously struggling now to strive.!

Terms and conditions given in their website is as follows :

Terms and Conditions
  • You can earn referral points only for inviting new Doctors that are not already existing members of M3 India website
  • To successfully earn referral points, a Doctor referred by you: (1) Must successfully register with M3 India, and accept the applicable Terms & Conditionsand, (2) Must provide MCI details necessary for completing his/her verification.
  • Once we have verified that a member referred by you is a valid Doctor, 100 Bonus Activity points each would be credited to both your and your friend’s account. Please note that the verification process itself may take a few days to complete
  • In deciding the verification status of any referred member, the decision of M3 India would be final
  • The Doctor invited by you must sign up only by clicking on the unique referral link shared by you. If he/she signs up by any other channel, we would not to be able to track his/her referral back to you and award you the referral points
  • Referrals should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes, and only shared with personal connections that will appreciate receiving these invitations.
  • A referred friend may only use one referral link. If a referred friend receives referral links from multiple M3 India Users, only the corresponding M3 India User of the referral link used by the referred friend will receive Activity Points
  • We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove credited Activity Points, wherever we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the our website Terms & Conditions or specific terms of the Referral Program at any time.
  • In addition, any of the following actions taken by a member will lead to suspension of accounts:
    • Opening multiple accounts, including with different e-mail addresses, for the same person in order to generate additional referral credits
    • Referring customers using spam, display advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited e-mails, or links on message boards or forums.
    • Using false names to impersonate other people, or otherwise provide false or misleading information to us
  • M3 India can modify the terms of this program at any point and the same will be reflected on this page.